Aseptic Environment

Aseptic Isolators:

Aseptic isolation terminates any biological hazard present in a sterile environment. Using vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP), BioPharma System’s isolators effectively decontaminate the internal surface of any enclosed workspace.

An array of multi-glove or half-suit Isolators is available to suit each application, which can be decontaminated using gassing in place (GIP) systems.

RABS Systems:

Providing a level of aseptic quality, Restricted-Access Barrier Systems (RABS) are quickly becoming recognized as an alternative to traditional rigid walled isolators. RABS protect the products and process by spreading an aerodynamic barrier over a critical process zone. While RABS must be set up in an ISO 7 clean room, it can provide ISO 5 in the critical zone under proper treatment.

Passive RABSUtilizes clean room ventilation system as its source of clean air
Active RABSDerives clean air from HEPA filters by forced ventilation from an onboard fan
Open RABSAir spills out of the RABS after it passes over the protected zone
Closed RABSAfter passing over the critical zone, air is filtered before entering the clean room or recirculated back through supply filters

Cell Therapy Isolators:

Functioning as an alternative to clean rooms, cell therapy isolators offer a contained, sterile environment for the clinical production of cells.