BioPharma System’s array of washer-sterilizers will suit any need for critical washing, decontaminating, sterilizing and drying of varying component loads. These machines can be used alone as washers or integrated into a fully automatic line.



1. Containers washed and dried internally at several cleaning stations
2. Constructed with high-grade stainless steel and pharmaceutical-grade plastics
3. Smooth object handling with coated grippers
4. Cost-effective WFI recycling unit
5. Several different cleaning agents can be used

Counterpressure Sterilization:

Available in either steam-air mixture or superheated water models, counterpressure sterilizers effectively sanitize heat-sensitive aqueous solutions in sealed containers. Offering turnkey machinery, BioPharma Systems can provide any business with the equipment it needs to satisfy the FDA’s Guidance for Industry.

Steam-Air Mixture Fans cause fluids to rapidly circulate inside chamber; steam and air introduced to regulate process; contents removed dry
Superheated Water Water constantly sprayed through system over load; water superheating provides efficient sterilization; faster than steam-air process