Used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry, downflow containment booths safeguard operators and the room environment against potentially hazardous dusts, generated frequently during manual powder handling operations.

An evenly distributed Downflow of low turbulence, recirculated, Hepa Filtered clean air, draws harmful airborne dust away from the operator’s breathing zone and is captured within the multi-stage onboard filtration system.


1. Guaranteed operator exposure levels below 100 μg/m3 TWA, improved with rigid ergonomic screens to below 10 μg/m3 TWA
2. Available in white powder coated carbon steel, 304/316L stainless steel or a combination of both
3. Various heights, widths and safe working depths to suit all applications
4. Multiple stage filtration designs with a minimum of fine dust and terminal Hepa filters, including the option of safe change bag in/bag out housings