For environments where an operator’s protective clothing may be exposed to API contamination, decontamination showers efficiently remove potentially damaging substances from the operator’s garments, drastically decreasing the risk of a facility contamination breach and personnel exposure. Provided with interlocked access doors, integrated base sumps and ultrasonic nozzles, these self-contained systems create fine 5-10 micron droplets of ultrasonic fog to ensure the encapsulation of API contaminants, while minimizing the ‘wetting through’ of Tyvec suits.

Image 3 for Decontamination Showers - Row 3
Shower Purpose
Fogging API encapsulation, while sustaining a low turbulence of wetting fog
Misting Heavier or liquid-based decontamination, with virtually no residue of misting liquid
Air Drying or decontamination prior to critical environment entry, ensuring removal of contaminating particles