Materials Handling:

The hygienic and safe handling of all materials is vital to the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, healthcare and biotech industries. BioPharma Systems offers a variety of cGMP handling equipment for any stage of the manufacturing process.

Drum Tippers:

Developed to aid all aspects of the pharmaceutical process, cGMP steel drum tipping devices provide an easy and ergonomic method of feeding powders and liquids from one stage of the process to the next, protecting the operator from potentially hazardous dusts.


1. Available in static or mobile versions

2. Various cradle designs allowing loads up to 350 kg

3. Integrated discharge cones and valve arrangements to enable closed ergonomic materials transfer into isolators and other process equipment.

Post Hoists and Lifting Systems:

BioPharma System’s range of cGMP stainless steel post hoists/lifts allow the efficient discharging, docking, feeding, tipping, elevating and blending of products in various containers within any ISO certified environment.


1. Strokes of 19’ can be reached
2. Weights of 2000 kg can be handled
3. Lateral reach of 6’ can be achieved, depending on the weight of the product

Vacuum Lifters for Sacks and Drums:

Optimal for handling sacks, boxes and drums up to 100 kg, the PharmaVac Vacuum Tube Lifter© provides an easy to use lift and move device to assist operators in the manipulation of containers in any environment. These easily cleaned/wiped down structures are constructed in Powder coated steel or stainless steel 304 or 316L with FDA approved seals and gaskets, specifically designed for pharmaceutical production environments.

The lifter utilizes a unique inline filtration system, allowing no downstream contamination of the internal lift tube, vacuum transfer hose or pump exhaust.

1. Safe change filtration system provides easy removal and cleaning at minimal risk
2. Tool-free, interchangeable suction foot system which enables multi container lift capabilities and easy cleaning
3. Traditional top lift end-effector (suction foot) of containers or side mount (for drums), enabling both lift and tilt features for the container