Aseptic Valves

The ChargePoint AspetiSafe© valve enables a controlled transfer of sterile products into a clean, enclosed environment. The valve’s simple, yet unique mechanism provides an easy product transfer method while prohibiting breach, exposure and contamination.

After sterilizing the active unit, the two valve halves are positioned together while a decontamination gas enters the sealed chamber between the valve disks. Once the exposed and contact surfaces are sterilized, the butterfly valve can open to release the aseptic contents to the next chamber. After product transfer, the valve can be closed, allowing the two valves to revert back to their sealed state and undocking can take place.


  1. Variety of sizes, ranging from 2” to 8”
  2. In addition to steam in place (SIP) sterilization, hydrogen peroxide decontamination models are available
  3. Pro and bio products, which are ideal for ISO 5 clean rooms
  4. Transfers provide integrity with an SAL of up to 10-6