Rigid Isolators:

Providing maximized protection to operators, environments, and products, rigid isolators offer the greatest safeguard to any critical process.

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Typically constructed in 316L stainless steel with onboard filtration packages, these isolators allow the local control of the internal environment, as well as protection of the supply and exhaust air quality. Protective glove ports allow access to products and process.


1. Protection levels as low as 10 ng/m3, assuming proper procedures are followed
2. Ergonomic design ensuring maximum access, proven by mock up assessment
3. Defined barriers separating chambers to ensure pressure control and maximized protection
4. Crevice-free, fully welded stainless steel construction with inflatable seals surrounding access doors for cleanliness
5. Safe change gloves and filters ensuring safety during the entire process
6. Wide range of options – including Clean-in-place (CIP) systems, manipulation devices for raw materials containers, transfer ports, monitoring devices and Nitrogen purged environments for flammable materials



Gaining traction in R&D and laboratory settings, flexible isolators offer an ideal low-cost disposable alternative to traditional high cost rigid isolators. The lightweight, tubular exterior frame supports the flexible bag envelope, which is constructed with integrated glove ports for access to internal products and equipment.

1. Proven containment levels below 1 μg/m3, assuming proper procedures are followed
2. Replacement glove bag eliminates need for stringent cleaning of the typical rigid hard walled isolator structure.
3. Self-contained systems with onboard filtration assures rapid installation and start-up


Rigid Isolators Flexible Isolators
Higher Cost Low Cost
Extensive cleaning required Bag envelopes one use, no cleaning
Provide safest working conditions for highly potent or cytotoxic products Less durable, possibly leading to small tears in gloves or bag envelope if careful procedures are not followed
Environment easy to control Environment potentially more difficult to control