Protecting surrounding environments against hazardous dusts, vapors, and aerosols, flowhoods (solvent booths) safeguard the operator and the room environment during all reactions, distillations, and general wet chemistry experimental work. These booths are typically employed in Kilo, Pilot and developmental chemistry labs.

The single pass airflow method ensures the chemistry plant or glassware equipment enclosure is maintained under negative pressure, and all vapors are effectively drawn up into the exhaust system.


1. Operator protection levels as low as 10 μg/m3 TWA with 100% fresh air supply and exhaust
2. Open fronted or more typically supplied with hinged or sliding access doors (for airflow volume reduction and improved operator protection) with custom gloved access ports or hinged access sashes
3. Integrated sumps for spillage collection
4. Utility penetrations to support reaction equipment
5. Ventilation can include filtration for airborne API control